Tim Kaine on Abortion


Tim Kaine touts being a “moderate” when it comes to issues like abortion.  He claims he’s against abortion.  However he also fought against the Hyde Amendments which barred the government from funding abortions.  He also received a 100% from both Planned Parenthood and NARAL while receiving 0% from NRLC (National Right to Life Committee).

So a moderate gets a 100% from pro-abortion groups and 0% from pro-life groups?  So, I guess left is right, right is left, male is female, white is black and so on.  This is a time and culture where and when you can get away with lying and make it sound like the truth: it’s called relativism.  He can call himself a “traditional Catholic” and get away with it.

God is not fooled though.  He knows the hearts of men.  Holy Writ tells us this.


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