Halal & Cakes


An Islamic halal supermarket in Paris, France has reportedly been intimidated by authorities to sell pork and alcohol or risk being closed.  To be honest I am not okay with this. Why should they be forced to comply over something like what food or drink they sell?  I agree Muslims need to respect the Christian heritage of the West, something I constantly emphasize, but this is a bit too much.

Over food and drinks?  Seriously?!  Of all things to make them assimilate over, people want Muslims to assimilate on what they eat and drink or at least on what foods and drinks they sell?  It does raise an interesting point though.  If progressives are going to force Christians to cater to gay “weddings”, are they going to force Muslims to cater to non-Muslims by selling them pork and alcohol?

This is a moral dilemma for liberals who think Christians should celebrate homosexuality, but think Muslims should be left alone do what they practice.  Now we have an actual example that is very much like that which the progressives have forced upon Christians for some time now.



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