Shea and the NCR


Mark Shea has been indefinitely suspended from the National Catholic Register for his vitriolic remarks directed towards others (including some priests) outside of the online magazine.

This is the official statement.

“The Register is no longer publishing blogs or commentaries submitted by Mark Shea. Mark’s writings at the or published in our print edition were within our editorial guidelines. However, his writings and engagement on other forums were irreconcilable with our editorial vision or standards of charitable discussion.”

Over the years, Mark has vilified other Catholics in the public sphere including Sen. Rick Santroum (R-PA), Lila Rose, Robert Sungenis, Michael Voris, Dr. John Zmirak and Fr. Brian Harrison over one thing or another such as their style.  A lot of Catholics will know what I mean by this.  In addition Shea has been known for lumping people together into groups like the pro-lifers who are pro-torture, anti-poor, “Trumpkins”.  He is the one who coined the term “Taliban Catholic” by the way.

By the way, Mark recently tried to get the Vatican to censor The Principal for going against modern science.  Really?!  Of all things to fret about: somebody’s stance on modern science?!  Has he heard of Venerable Pius XII’s encyclical Humani Generis.

It has raised the ire of many Catholics who have raised their voice to EWTN, the owner of National Catholic Register, to drop Mark Shea or lose subscribers.  They finally heeded the request and dumped him at least until he shapes up.  I lost a friend who was close friends with Mark Shea and shared the same views as he.  I lost that friend and another friend because they both espoused Shea’s divisive attitude towards those who did not think like them on issues like lying or waterboarding.

For me this seems to be justice.  This person will not be writing for any major Catholic outlet at least for some time.  Therefore he won’t be portraying himself as the voice of the Church we must listen to.  Hopefully he will resolve this issue.


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