Mark Shea vs. Zachary King


I remember I got into a debate with one of Mark Shea’s minions over Zachary King’s alleged former status as a Satanic high priest who performed ritual abortions.  Not surprisingly Mark would slander yet again another Catholic.

Not surprisingly, Mark’s followers eat up everything he says.  If Shea says it’s fake, it must be fake.  So the implication here is that Shea thinks King is an impostor who’s in it for fame and fortune.  Really?!  I don’t recall him making thousands like Hillary Clinton to give a single speech for just an hour.  Also, who’s hear of King?  He’s not that famous.  People wouldn’t be able to talk to you about King as they could about Karl Keating, Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. Peter Kreeft, and others.

As they say in Latin school: Quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur.  Unless evidence comes out that King lied, it is not morally sound to accuse him of lying, call him an impostor or any of the sort.  Until the evidence comes out that he lied (if such exists), it is best to take King at his word.

You can find more here:


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