#NeverTrump is Annoying


Some people are so pro-Trump that they are blinded to his flaws and strike back at anyone who calls his flaws out; on the other hand some people are so anti-Trump that they show a certain level of hypocrisy through hateful and angry commentary that comes from them. Either way, it’s not productive to Catholic unity.

Trump is not a very good Christian telling from his own acknwoledgement that he does not confess his sins to God and apparently has no shame in his past. However, that still does not warrant demonizing those who find merit in his policies (e.g. what Muslims come to the U.S. and not going to war with Russia). Trump may be a serial adulterer, but he’s not lobbying in government for adultery.

The Vatican approved guide to voting says this.

“When all candidates hold a position that promotes an intrinsically evil act, the conscientious voter faces a dilemma. The voter may decide to take the extraordinary step of not voting for any candidate or, after careful deliberation, may decide to vote for the candidate deemed less likely to advance such a morally flawed position and more likely to pursue other authentic human goods.” (Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, n. 36)

Both ways there seems to be an obsession for Trump that is unhealthy and counterproductive to Catholic unity. Practicing Catholics should not let politicians divide each other.

So, now let’s go on with the #NeverTrump movement.  They don’t shut up about Donald Trump, which is the main reason by the way I’m tired of hearing about Trump.  The Mark Shea crowd is a major part of this; all they post about (or like 90-some%) is Trump.  Trump this, Trump that, Trump everything.  They’re only giving him the publicity they say he wants.  They obsess over how evil he is and how stupid or evil his Christian supporters are.  Basically their rhetoric goes down to treating him like he’s the devil incarnate.  I did not even vote for Trump in the primaries and have argued with myself over whether or not to vote for him in November.

I can understand talking about topics like Trump sometimes, but some people take it too far.  It’s like their primary or only concern is Trump.  I don’t see the Shea crowd calling out blasphemous and sacrilegious Satanists.  I don’t see them talking about personal holiness, evangelization or defending the liturgy.  They’re not calling out jihadi Muslims for persecuting Christians (if hardly at all).  Nothing can be heard about them defending the faith from anti-Catholic Protestants, Atheists or Agnostics; it’s like Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher have dumped apologetics for a smear campaign in the political sphere.  Then when after many years they’re finally removed from the National Catholic Register, they play the victim card, claiming everybody is out to get them and is a “Trumpkin”.

Let me be clear; I agree with Shea and Fisher calling out die-hard Trump fans of hypocrisy for demonizing Clinton but making Trump look like a saint (when he’s nowhere near perfect).  I myself have called out die-hard Trump fans of idolatry and hypocrisy to name a few sins.  However, I draw the line when they assume everybody who votes for Trump must be that way and that you are not allowed to vote for Trump when the USCCB has clearly said otherwise.  When they and others begin to hurl insults at others for not seeing things their way, that is where I say enough is enough.  When they begin to talk about nothing but how evil Trump is and how evil or stupid those who will vote for him are (but ignore Islamic jihad, Satanism, anti-Catholicism in general), I say stop it.



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