Getting Requests, Then Unfriended


Ever wonder why people send you friend requests (which you later accept), then they later unfriend you or block you?  It says a lot about their personality.  I can say from personal experience I have had too many people send me friend requests only to later unfriend me or block me.

No, I don’t send them harassing e-mails, tag them incessantly in posts, call them personally names or anything of that sort.  One blocked me because I did not defend her after she was ratting out on several Catholics to a Protestant moderator of a group.  Another blocked me because he believed the Church taught that God is one Person and that I was wrong to teach God is three Persons.  I got blocked by another for saying Catholics should not praise the Reformation and mentioning the violence of early Protestants.  Now Scott unfriended me because I called out Mark.

First off, I’m the kind of guy who accepts friend requests (or ignores them) but I don’t send friend requests except to people I personally know from school, work, social gatherings or extra-curricular activities.  Going into this I have seen and noticed a mental pattern in those who send people friend requests whom they have never met in person.  They are very insecure about themselves emotionally and psychologically and so they seek to put on this mask to feel better about themselves by gathering online friends around them.  This is where their insecurities come into play; they don’t have many friends they go out to places with or speak with in person, so they spend their time online sending friend requests.  They might not have many friends because they easily “blow up” and by that I obviously mean they get offended or angry easily when confronted by something they disagree with.  So, they shut people out both in person and online.  And so when this kind of person finds out the person that accepted their friend request is not exactly what they thought, then they unfriend them or block them.


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