Scott Eric Alt


The Catholic blogosphere battle wages on.  One of them unfriended me for criticizing his favorite Catholic apologist.  He’s a nut for Mark Shea and worse, he lied to me about not being involved with Mark whom I have seen frequently comment on Scott’s posts.  Also Scott frequently posts from Mark’s articles.  So, yes.  He’s very involved with Mark and don’t you ever question his favorite writer.

Lately, since both Mark and Simcha have been booted from National Catholic Register, Scott has been posting articles in defense of them two.  He has also been writing “***********NO COMMENTS**************” in the comment section to keep people from voicing their disagreements with him.

He recently defended Mark’s behavior here.

My take on Mark Shea and Uncharitability

Sure, you can defend bizarre behavior, but Scott and Mark go after other people who do the same Scott and Mark accuse them of doing. E.g. they go after Robert Sungenis whom they claim to be an anti-Semite, or Michael Voris being a “Taliban Catholic”. It’s hypocrisy. The thought Scott would defend his favorite apologist but trash talk another person for doing the same thing (or so he thinks) is astounding. Now he’s apparently not allowing anybody to comment on his threads now in fear of somebody criticizing him or his favorite Catholic blogger.

He also deflected on David Armstrong’s post about Mark’s removal from NCR; he was afraid to admit to the blogger’s uncharitable and divisive attitude.  This is the sign of cult mentality; they group together around a particular person and give their unwavering support to that individual.  When that person is called into question, even charitably, their followers get aggressive and develop a victim syndrome when they accuse you of doing that.  They are reluctant to admit the flaws of their leader; they evade, get very silent, or they gang up against the accuser, anything to avoid admitting their leader is not as high and mighty as they claim.

I had thought of unfriending him before since I was getting tired of the Trump posts and seeing people act like jerks on his threads with me if I disagreed with them on something like Islam or Zachary King.

Ironically he posted, “A faith that matters is one that challenges you, not just one that makes you comfortable and affirmed.”

Sure, except when it is you being challenged, then you unfriend them even if you never got into an argument with them before and agreed with each other on almost everything.  Then go crazy with censoring people on your wall in defense of your favorite writer.  There’s a lesson in all this: be an ass towards others and you are bound to lose friends and followers.  If and when this happens, you should not have to wonder why people unfriend you or block you and if you do wonder why then that is because pride has blinded you from seeing the error of your ways.


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