Libertarian Hypocrisy


There are many intelligent libertarians (with whom I can personally relate with).  However, there are many libertarians too who also give people a reason to no affiliate with libertarianism.

Middle-of-the-road libertarians can get rather snarky about their not being fiscally liberal or socially conservative.  They have a certain hatred for any sense of orthodoxy in society or any sense of religion in the public sphere.  They criticize progressives and conservatives for attacking each other and making themselves seem morally superior to the other, while they themselves do the same thing.

For example, they go after conservatives for calling progressives socialists for advocating welfare programs, abortion, homosexuality, etc. and on the other hand they go after progressives for calling conservatives fascists for being against gun control, environmentalism, etc.  Then these same libertarians align social conservatives with Islamists who believe in putting people to death for non-violent violations of Sharia.

Like I have said before, I have my reasons for not being libertarian.  This political ideology (and idealism) places an unhealthy emphasis on the following argument: “If you’re against X, then you must also be against Y and if you’re against Y, then you must also be against X otherwise you’re against liberty.”  It’s contingency: some things do not have to be true in all cases nor false in all cases.  This is where some libertarians, or self-styled libertarians, get dangerously close to anarchism.  Maybe they’re anarchists who think they’re libertarians.

I read an article on a libertarian website linking conservatives and social justice warriors together by personality.  While I agree on most of the points, the same could be said of so many libertarians.  They’re no different from the people they criticize for moral superiority and using tactics (i.e. bullying, whining, shouting) to get what they want.


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