A Word on Putin


I’m not so much supportive of Vladimir Putin as I have in the past and here is why.  If Putin cares so much about the plight of Christians around the world as people say he does, then why hasn’t he actively spoken out against Russia’s close allies?  I’m thinking of two in particular; both which are dictatorships where Christians are treated terribly: Saudi Arabia and China.  These two are culturally, geographically and religiously very different from each other but both are very similar in their treatment of Christians.

As of this moment, the communist Chinese government has shut down and/or demolished thousands of churches.  The Catholic Church in China has been forced underground.  All priests must be registered with the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association; this is in order that the government may supervise and censor the Church whenever necessary.  If a parish’s priest is not affiliated with the association, then the government can come in and shut down the parish.  Yet here is Putin with Xi Jinping, president of China and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.


Saudi Arabia is still a strictly Islamic state.  It still executes people for non-violent crimes, arrests Christians who are even praying within the confines of their homes, confiscates their property, etc.  This is a country where it is illegal to build or rebuild a Christian church.  In fact, the Saudi government has kept it a secret that there is an ancient Assyrian church just outside of Jubail.  Again, here is Putin but with King Salman bin Abdulaziz.


While Russia has been on the right in regards to the war against the Islamic State, it has been wrong in its negotiations with Islamic Saudi Arabia and communist China.  Many say he only cares for the Orthodox, but I digress.  They are many Orthodox in both those countries, especially China.  Like the Catholics and Protestants, the Orthodox are suffering the same fate.  They need public figures to speak against this abuse and take action; that does not necessarily mean war, but sanctions and other penalties need to be in place.


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