Pepe the Frog & the Alt-Right


I had never heard of the alt right until Donald Trump came into the political campaign.  I did some research and found that the alt right (alt being short for “alternative”) is not part of the mainstream right.The alt right, however, should not be confused with the far right which does resort to hateful and sometimes violent rhetoric.  However, the alt right is an ambiguous expression for right-wingers who do not identify with the mainstream right.  People like Milo Yiannopoulos come to mind: they stand up for many of the things mainstream conservatives do stand for, but are not politically correct about it.

On the other hand, white nationalist online forum Daily Stormer claims to be part of the alt-right.  The publisher Andrew Anglin admitted what he calls he extremist elements of the alt right such as the goal of eliminating non-whites in white society according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  This is far right.

What should be noted about the alt right is its notoriety for humor, especially through the use of “dank memes”.  Pepe the Frog is one popular meme icon among those of the alt right; in fact he has gained so much attention that the Hillary Clinton campaign made an article just about him.  That was a few weeks ago, but this week Clinton mentioned the alt right during a speech, only to receive this response.

The alt right can take a joke a lot better than other political groups, which makes social justice warriors mad who are triggered by almost everything and anything.  They can even joke about themselves.  I’m not saying I consider myself part of the alt right, nor am I endorsing it, but I know some people who identify with the alt right.  I seriously do not see them as a threat with all their use of memes and such.  The PC police however seem to think they actually could take hold, and they could have already created havoc if they wanted to: the Black Lives Matter movement, Occupy WallStreet movement and jihadi Muslims have.


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