Trump is Victorious!


As I predicted, Donald Trump would win and yes there would be violent riots.  I expected Trump to win for a few reasons.  I will explain them here.

(1) I have noticed a pattern starting with George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. For eight years, we have a Democrat, then another eight years a Republican, then eight years again another Democrat, and now we have another Republican.  It is as if with every president people get tired of the stuff that the party of that president is responsible for, then swing the other way in the next election.

(2) All the stuff about Hillary Clinton convinced them not to vote for her: they either saw Trump as the perfect candidate or the lesser of two evils.  WikiLeaks got a lot of dirt on the Clinton campaign: e.g. her staffers who called for a liberal “Catholic Spring” against a “Middle Ages dictatorship” upheld by “backwards” Catholics, those same staffers being involved in Satanic rituals involving semen, blood and breastmilk, or the Clinton Foundation receiving millions from Islamic countries that fund jihad terror groups like the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

(3) People saw Clinton would be more years of Barack Obama, albeit maybe ten times worse.  She has beat Obama as the most pro-abortion candidate in U.S. history; she is more push for the not so Affordable Care Act, which even co-workers at a very liberal company have stated harasses them with expensive bills they cannot afford; even CNN stated that Obamacare premiums are supposed to skyrocket several thousand next year — that is if Obamacare is still around.

(4) Clinton’s terrible Middle East policy makes her incompetent.  She called for the Iraqi War, which resulted in a total coup d’état along with the growth of Islamic jihad in the country.  She also called for the takeout of Muammar Qaddafi in Libya, not to mention her embarrassing role as Secretary of State during the September 11, 2011 attacks in Benghazi.  This led to her distrust in e-mails with classified information, which she allegedly lied about.

I do have issues with some of Trump’s policies, not to mention he did call for Qaddafi’s dethronement — though he swears he never did — and there is a video all over the internet of him calling for it.  He claims SCOTUS’ ruling on same-sex “marriage” is settled when it is not.  The Supreme Court has no constitutional power to make or unmake a law, and judicial review itself is unconstitutional. It started with Marbury v. Madison. It’s also an excuse for SCOTUS for usurp a congressional power.  Those are few examples of issues I have with him, but they still do not level to Clinton’s issues.

In the end I did vote for him.  At first I argued with myself over whether to vote for him, vote third party or not vote at all.  In the end I saw he was the only one of being able to defeat Clinton; not only was I right about that, but also that he would defeat Clinton by a landslide.  I have absolutely no regrets having voted for him and am satisfied that I helped contribute to the outcome of the election.


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