The Cult of Castro


A lot of the progressives are praising a brutal and lying dictator named Fidel Castro for what they claim he fought for social justice.  Really?!

This is a man who enacted extrajudicial killings — and presided over them — along with putting homosexuals in concentration camps.  Many of those his regime imprisoned intentionally gave themselves HIV/AIDS because they could not stand the terrible prison conditions.  Cuba has one of the highest abortion rates in the world and a low fertility rate, which sources say will be a disaster as older generations die off.

People have been reported of having been kidnapped by the government, tortured and sometimes executed for their criticism of the regime.  One man was arrested during a Good Friday procession not too long ago by the government for being involved in anti-government activity.  The Ladies in White are a group of women who are married to political dissidents who have been arrested, some tortured and/or killed.

What I find shocking is the smaller number of Catholics who praise him.  He is an apostate Catholic who persecuted the Catholic Church.  For about thirty years under the Castro regime Cuba was called an Atheist state by the government: Christmas was banned and public displays of piety were outlawed.  Priests, monks and nuns have been arrested, tortured and sometimes killed.  In the 60’s, over 200 priests were exiled from Cuba.

Havana Guide states, “Apart from some governmental and military officials, the highest salaries in the country are only 4 times the amount of the lowest salaries.”  It also says that doctors only makes 700 pesos per month which it says is equivalent to about 30 dollars.  This brings me to the next issue: a major doctor shortage.  Jay Nordlinger on National Review states “Where are they? They’re abroad. In fact, a standard joke is that, in order to see a Cuban doctor, a Cuban must contrive to leave the island.”

The irony is that the Cuban Revolution was started due to the stark contrast between the rich and the poor under the Fulgencio Batista regime, but Fidel Castro’s rise to power did not do anything to alleviate poverty which brings me to an important question.  Does communism work?

But of course clueless progressive public officials like Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Justin Trudeau would sound his praise.  Then again they think very much alike except for maybe the extrajudicial killings, exiling priests, putting homosexuals in concentration camps, etc.


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