What’s Wrong with This Culture?


Seriously.  What’s wrong with this culture in regards to dating?  When you’re a guy, especially who doesn’t think or act like most other guys out there, you feel like the only guy in the world girls aren’t interested in.

When you’re autistic or having Asperger’s syndrome you’re more at a disadvantage.  That’s because you aren’t sure if the person you’re interested in reciprocates those feelings, and so you second-guess yourself and go into self-emotional torment thinking about it.  Then when you finally find out they are not interested in you it becomes a big issue.  You tend to think of it as you pushing other people away; of course this is not always the case, but you tend to.

I’ll be brutally honest — though I’m known for that.  Our culture has placed it in our heads that in order to be successful in the dating world, you have to be cool (have contemporary interests, be at least somewhat bad, and not want anything serious).  Our culture has put so much into girl’s heads when they’re small about what to see in a guy that a girl has unrealistic expectations when she grows up.  No matter so many people are single now.  Our culture has placed an unrealistic amount of expectations in our minds, especially the minds of women.  You have to have that perfect guy or girl.  News flash: nobody is perfect!  A guy can be dismissed for simply nothing more than he’s not “cool”.

A lot of people, especially guys, are checking out of relationships because they see they can’t compete in the dating world because our culture has put too many expectations on us.  These people, especially guys, are resorting to video games, drinking, pornography, etc.  Our social skills as a society are going down the crapper.

Then there’s the issue of virgin shaming.  That’s right virgin shaming, not slut shaming.  Feminists are known for lecturing people about slut shaming, little of which actually exists compared to virgin shaming.  Just look at all the TV, videos and magazines that portray virgins, especially post-college graduates, as having something wrong with them, being losers, or being horribly autistic.  Even if the latter is true to a large extent, it’s treated like some sort of contagious malady.  Then you see how promiscuity is celebrated by our culture and promoted in our TV, movies and magazines.  Yeah, slut shaming hardly exists, as if criticizing promiscuity is actually slut shaming.

Our culture is so messed up and if it keeps going this way, there won’t be enough children to replace the older generations — seeing that the average Western couple only has two children or less.  If and Western families are being replaced by Muslims, they will not be able to blame us for calling out our fundamentally screwed up Western culture for causing its own demise.


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