“The Thinning” and Population Control


Today I saw an advertisement for a new movie called The Thinning on YouTube.  It was pretty interesting for a thriller to bring to life something that is real enough to actually happen.

While I have not seen the movie, nor is it out in theaters yet, the plot is pretty obvious from the trailer: it’s about the state cutting down its population by killing off the less successful citizens in order to stop overpopulation and keep society productive.  Usually we think of Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, but this movie takes place in the United States, the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.

Moreover, this movie is not some sci-fi thriller in which some mad scientist builds a machine that can spawn a black hole.  This movie is about a dictatorial government which enforces population control by killing off students from first to twelfth grade who fail the aptitude test.  The Nazis and Soviets worked very much in the same way.

Now, I’m not some conspiracy theorist saying the government will do exactly this, nor has done this.  Population control has been more clandestine in real life with several politicians, namely progressives and Green Party activists calling for policies which enforce population control.  This includes eugenics; again, something the Nazis and Soviets were big into.  It was a way of manipulating fertility in order to spawn healthy offspring; this meant euthanizing those who were physically or mentally incapable of being productive to society.  This also meant aborting the unborn who were seen to have no chance of being productive.

It was part of social Darwinism as it continues to be so today.  This of course violates Christian ethics as we are supposed to defend those who cannot defend themselves from conception to natural death.  Ethnic minorities are especially effected by eugenics and would be if the scenario in The Thinning were to ever actually happen.  This is because poverty and lack of education tend to be higher among minorities regardless of the cause of this.

The state has been instrumental in fining couples who have more children than culturally expected, making health insurance more expensive, school more expensive, and then funding sex education to put more emphasis on sex for pleasure than for procreation, leading to promoting contraception.  This in turn has helped society, particularly Western society, in having low fertility rates and as I mentioned before has resulted in what many say will be a big depopulation if this trend keeps on with the average couple having less children than can replace them.

Here is a video on the Rockefeller Foundation which was instrumental in the eugenics program, and then there’s Margaret Sanger.


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