Rumbly in My Tummy


Surprise, surprise.  Research shows people who consume too much marijuana (either by smoking it or eating it in candies) can get sick.

It’s called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome or CHS for short.  It can cause stomach aches, nausea and vomiting.  Doctors say the THC in cannabis “overwhelms the body’s autonomic system, which normally controls breathing and digestion and other automatic functions”[1].

I’m not even saying this should mean marijuana should be banned.  It does, however, call to mind anybody who claims that marijuana has no downsides is not telling the truth and most likely also smokes marijuana, probably a lot too.  If you mention the downsides of marijuana you might be quick to get yelled at by libertarians and accused of supporting a war on drugs.  It’s like some federal agent conspiracy theory.

Other studies show many car accidents have been tied to driving under the influence of marijuana.  Steven Crowder, who in the beginning of the video mentions he does support legalized marijuana as does his guest, calls this to mind [2].  Even then the radically pro-pot people such as libertarians jump to the ad hominem attacks and the “pot is medicinal” rhetoric.  Even medication must be moderated as it too can have side effects; yet many who promote pot as medicinal are not treating it seriously as they would with any other medication.




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