Quebec Mosque Shooting


A few weeks ago, a man named Alexandre Bissonnette was arrested in connection to a Quebec mosque shooting.

He is going to court and is supposedly the shooter.  If true, here is my take.

There is the center right and there is the far right; the latter takes extremes to get what it wants just like the far left. These extremes include brash generalizations of people on an entire religous, national or ethnic group, use of hateful language, threats and sometimes use of violence. Anti-Muslim violence is not frequently done by non-Muslims but it is still wrong. When they do such thing to Muslims, how are they better than the Muslim jihadis they oppose?

There were families, including little children, in this mosque during the attacks. I am humbled to say that the wounded were taken to a Catholic hospital (Hospital of the Child Jesus), and at least one is fully recouvered and out of the hospital. Let us pray for the victims and their families.

I read about it significantly here:


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