CNN & Fake News



There is an ongoing war between the mainstream media and Donald Trump over fake news.

The mainstream media, namely CNN, is saying fake news is coming from alternative websites such as Breitbart.  While there is plenty of fake news coming from alternative media, there is plenty of fake news coming out of CNN et alia in the mainstream media.  I will name some examples.

They edited Sherelle Smith’s comments on the riots, to make it seem like she “was calling for peace” (CNN’s words), but kept out the part where she said, “Take that sh*t to the suburbs” and “Burn that sh*t down”.  Later they corrected it, but no apology exactly.

CNN and others falsely reported Pope Francis said it’s better to be Atheist than a bad Catholic, to which he responded.
He was actually paraphrasing what others claim and said this idea of being Atheist is better than being a bad Catholic is scandal.  You can read the original transcript here.
They hilariously and falsely claimed Nancy Sinatra tweeted her frustration that Donald Trump used her dad’s song when she said that was incorrect and that it was a joke to just remember the first line.
Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Brooke Baldwin et alia at CNN keep howling about an alleged censorship of the media on the part of the Trump administration.  I have to see one.  In fact, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) commented on the media’s fake news about a Trump censorship of the media.  CNN has yet to correct this claim.
They, along with other mainstream media, have reported that the mass graves in Ireland are a cover-up of a massive sexual scandal on the party of Catholic clergy.  Here is clarification.  It was often to have unmarked graves, especially when people died in large numbers from famine or disease.
Jake Tapper and others on CNN falsely stated Trump had yet to disown white nationalists such as those in the Ku Klux Klan, when the now president has previously called them out specifically on several media saying things like “I disavow them.”
CNN kept pushing the narrative that a particular Muslim woman was attacked by a Trump supporter even after she admitted she lied about the story.  The network has yet to correct itself and apologize for the misinformation.
The following is not known for sure, but many of us have a strong feeling it is fake.  Reza Aslan angered many people, including Hindus, in last’s Sunday’s first episode of Believer because it shows him allegedly eating human brain with a small sect of Hindu cannibals.  The problem is you can’t see anything in his hands, nor can you see anything in the hands of the old man.  Both Reza and the guru moved their hand so fast as children pretending to eat.  If this is staged, then CNN will have once again posted fake news.
Then all this — and more — summed up shows the irony, pomposity and dishonesty behind CNN boasting to be “the most trusted name in news” when a Rasmussen poll shows their popularity has tanked in the past few years and that FOX News is watched my more people than any other news network (with 42%), then MSNBC (35%) and CNN (19%).  So if CNN is “the most trusted” news network, then why are they the third most watched news network and not the first most watched?
I promise I will get to the other mainstream media, but I felt I had to point out CNN in name first.  It of all ironically has a reputation for fact-checking others, yet they themselves need quite a bit of fact-checking.

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