CNN, Obama and Jesus


Just recently, CNN commentator Angela Rye stated that ex-President Barack Obama “had to be the next best thing to Jesus”.

Wrong!  The Blessed Virgin Mary is the second best thing to Jesus Christ.  She is the Immaculate Mother of God, conceived free of original sin “in view of the merits of Jesus Christ” (Bl. Pius IX, Ineffabilis Deus).  The rest of us are sinners.

I could go on about the political aspects of this, we tend too hard sometimes to promote our political parties rather than looking at the faith from a non-political perspective.  That’s not to say we cannot talk about politics; being non-political is not possible in this imperfect world even if we try to be.  However, we need to start putting faith before politics.  We need to stop trying to elevate our favorite public officials to the status of Jesus Christ and saying stupid things like Barack Obama or George W. Bush is “the next best thing to Jesus”.  This is political talk and not theologically sound.

Let’s take the time to amend our lives to God, especially this holy season of Lent.  Let’s ask for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the angels and saints, in our earthly pilgrimage and take the time to repair damaged relationships if possible.  Let’s learn more about humility, love, mercy and forgiveness.  The past few months have been extremely trying with the elections and inauguration.

May the Lord forgive us of our sins; we forgive those who have sinned against us and pray for them even if they do not for us.  Holy Mary, pray for us to Christ the Lord.


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