Donald Trump on Syria


Are Trump’s critics now going to forget all the things he said earlier about bombing people or on his alleged connections to Russia and Syria?

Trump ordered the recent attacks on a Syrian air base, the first direct U.S. attack on Syria during the Syrian civil war.  This was based on allegations that Syria used nerve gas which killed about 100 people and injured hundreds more.  Is this the same Trump who said he would use Trident missiles in the war against ISIS?  The same Trump who said he wanted to ‘bomb the sh*t ouf ot ISIS”?  The same Trump who said he wanted to target the families of terrorists  with torture, even if they were unaware of any terrorist connections?

This isn’t something I’m just now bringing up.  I was disturbed by this with all except airstrikes on ISIS if it meant not bombing cities.  Unfortunately the U.S. is not free of its share of killing civilians in attempts to destroy ISIS.  I’m not saying civilians were intentionally targeted, but this brings up an important point: if Syria did use the nerve gas, did they intentionally seek to harm civilians?

Here’s one such article exposing the hypocrisy coming from American politicians, be they Republican, Democrat or Independent.

Like I’ve said before, it seems to be okay when the U.S. destroys civilian lives in the attempts to destroy the aggressor, but it’s wrong when anybody else does it and they should be punished severely.  This is the amazing hypocrisy coming from the likes of neoconservative Republicans and others, even Democrats and Independents, who continue to point the finger at Russia and Syria.

It’s like Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove that splinter from your eye,’ while the wooden beam is in your eye?” (Matthew 7:4).

Keep in mind that the death toll from this air base airstrike as of now is 16; only 7 of them being soldiers.  That means at least 9 (more than half so far) are civilians.  This was done in attempts to make a statement to a government which American politicians have no proof killed civilians in recent nuclear attacks.  Yet in spite of all the U.S. has done to Syria, Syria has made no threat against the U.S. and has even supported its recent policies.  Yet, the likes of Paul Ryan want to call this “proportionate”.

Honestly, I knew from the very beginning Trump would buckle under pressure.  He might have tried being consistent at first, but after he learned about the opposition he faced from Democrats, Republicans and Independents, he decided to accommodate to them.


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