Catholics worship Mary?!


The Catholic Church professes and believes as well Our Lady is a human being, not God.

“The Virgin Mary, … however, because she belongs to the offspring of Adam she is one with all those who are to be saved.”

~Second Vatican Council (Lumen Gentium, n. 53)

“This cult, as it always existed, although it is altogether singular, differs essentially from the cult of adoration which is offered to the Incarnate Word, as well to the Father and the Holy Spirit, and it is most favorable to it.”

~Ibid (n. 66)

“The Church’s devotion to the Blessed Virgin … differs essentially from the adoration which is given to the incarnate Word and equally to the Father and the Holy Spirit, …”

~Anonymous (Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 971)

“If devotion to our Lady distracted us from our Lord, we would have to reject it as an illusion of the devil.”

~St. Louis de Montfort (True Devotion to Mary, n. 62)

“He [Saint Bonaventure] also says that, passing, on her return, before the cross still wet with the blood of her Jesus, she was the first to adore it. ‘O holy cross,’ she then said, ‘I kiss thee, I adore thee; for thou art no longer an infamous gibbet, but a throne of love and an altar of mercy, consecrated by the blood of the Divine Lamb, which on thee has been sacrificed for the salvation of the world.’”

~St. Alphonsus de Liguori, C.Ss.R. (The Glories of Mary, ch. 9)

“Theologians and preachers, however, when treating these and like questions concerning the Blessed Virgin, must avoid straying from the correct course, with a twofold error to guard against: that is to say, they must beware of unfounded opinions and exaggerated expressions which go beyond the truth, …”

~Ven. Pius XII (Ad Caeli Reginam, n. 44)


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